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How to Win at Being Healthy During the Holidays

How to Win at Being Healthy During the Holidays

The holidays are coming up and once again we are going to be bombarded with advertisements for Black Friday, Thanksgiving Savings, and an unimaginable amount of Christmas sales and pressures to find the right gifts for our loved ones. If you’re anything like me, you are about to embark on a mad dash to get the right gifts for the right family members and friends – and at the right price. But what about eating? What are we planning to do about that? Well read on and find out my 5 tips for how to win at being healthy during the holidays.

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This year, 2020, is anything but normal. With recent spikes in COVID cases around the country we are facing difficult decisions about whether or not to meet with friends and family in person, or skip the festivities and stay at home. We are going to have to make some compromises to protect our general health against the coronavirus, but that doesn’t mean we need to compromise our nutritional health as well. Whatever you are planning to do for the upcoming festivities, I have some awesome tips on how you can win at being healthy during the holidays.

Tip #1: Diet

One of the best things you can do for yourself is set up a plan for your holiday diet. In fact, we have a FREE eBook you can download here to discover 5 Diet Tips to Lose Weight – Proven by Science. It contains a ton of information concerning special diets that not only taste great, but can also help you lose weight. Download a copy now and get ready for the holidays!


Whatever your plans are (at home or elsewhere), you want to make sure you have a good recipe for your holiday meals. We recommend that whatever you cook, make sure it is healthy and organic whenever possible. Like the diets we outlined in our free eBook, be sure to pick one that fits your own particular needs. Do not not be afraid to try something different for this holiday season. There are a lot of great recipes for the holidays easily found online, so find the right one for you and your family.

Tip #2: Don’t Overeat

This is my personal challenge. This holiday season will certainly be different from the past years’ as I will not be meeting with family but eating at home. My family is big on making healthy, organic dishes of various types of fruits and vegetables to compliment the turkey and/or ham. But I always eat too much. This year I am going to make it a personal mission to avoid overeating, and I recommend it for you as well. Particularly now with the quarantine and our lack of enough Vitamin D for our immune systems and natural sunlight for our eye health, the last thing we need is digestion troubles. But if that happens, don’t beat yourself up, you can always treat yourself with probiotics to boost your digestion and immune system. But do try to refrain from overindulgence. You’ll thank me in January.

Tip #3: Exercise

The next best thing you can do it set up a holiday exercise plan. Yes, you did just read that – a holiday exercise plan. Whether or not you will be traveling, it’s important to get outside and exercise. With the promises of turkey dinners coming my way, I’m adding a bit of running into my daily schedule. Exercise plans need to be long-term, and I don’t recommend you set up a temporary one. And I am most certainly NOT recommending you wait until New Year either! Only 25% of people who make New Year’s resolutions keep them past January, and only around 8% actually achieve their goals. Here is a great article to read about keeping New Year’s resolutions – but I recommend you make one and start today! If you are planning to fill up during the holidays with a promise to lose the extra weight next year, you are almost certain to fail within a month. But if you do need to lose some weight, check out this article to learn how to do it in a healthy way.

Tip #4: Start now!

Yes, now. Today. Eat healthy. Don’t eat too much. Get outside and exercise. Set an exercise goal for yourself, but don’t push yourself too hard. As a simple example you can use my goal. I recently told myself that I am going to run 3 miles every day. I start out running, but I do often have to stop to walk (like basically every time), though I commit to finishing the distance whether I can run the whole way or not. If you cannot run, try just walking or moving or doing anything that gets the blood flowing and the muscles burning. If necessary, consult your physician about the right diet and exercise plan for you.

Tip #5: Don’t Forget the Gifts!

Yes – gifts. It may not sound like it at first, but this can contribute to your mental health during the holiday season. As mentioned earlier, this is the time of year when I spend a lot of energy shopping. Most of us do. I spend time, money, and energy trying to get the right gifts for family and friends. It’s a stressful endeavor to say the least. This year I have decided on two ways to circumvent the stress of holiday shopping. The first, is I’m planning to donate to charities in the names of my family and friends. This way I don’t have to shop for gifts, I don’t have to worry about disappointment from the gift receiver, and I can still do something really good for the world.

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