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About Us

Our Mission 

Provide premium nutritional products at an affordable price to help people enhance their health and lifestyle.

Our Story

On New Year’s day 2012, my mother was in a severe car accident. I got the dreaded call. She had broken and fractured bones in multiple places, and worse, had severe head trauma. My heart stopped. I rushed to the hospital to be with her. I spent five days in the ER by her bedside, praying, every day being told by the doctors, that she may not make it. Miraculously, she survived.

No one imagined she would recover (she was 70), but she did. It was not an overnight recovery. It took time, patience, and focus on the body's natural healing systems. Her recovery had a lot to do with nutrition and supplements. This life-changing journey brought me to my mission and the realization that supplements have the power to save and change lives. I became so grateful for supplements that I created Nutricelebrtiy to develop, design, manufacture, and distribute supplements. The body is a wonderful machine that if given the right tools (nutrients) can help to restore itself. I continue this mission with true passion.

We have always been careful to choose the best products, with integrity as our compass. We know there is a need for natural health, which is constantly under attack from our polluted environment, chemically processed food, and toxic water. Every day I personally experience the miracle of healing through high-quality supplements.

“The vital supplements that helped heal my loved one, I know can help heal yours.”


We continuously strive to use the best natural ingredients though they may cost more. We know it’s easy to make a quick buck using cheap fillers and toxic ingredients, as many others do, but we do not, and never will. Our R&D team and formulation lab have over 40 years of experience delivering some of the most effective, bio-available and natural ingredients on the market. Our products are manufactured, formulated and tested in the United States for the highest quality assurance. It's our mission to bring you the best and healthiest products.

Our business started with the passion to help others improve their health and well being naturally by the distribution of popular health supplements. As we continue to grow, we hope to impact more lives every day. We love being a part of the healing process and enjoy hearing our customers' success stories. We hope to hear yours!