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NutriCELEBRITY Spotlight – Jessica Alba

NutriCELEBRITY Spotlight – Jessica Alba

NutriCELEBRITY Spotlight – Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba, is known for her many roles in TV and Movies. From Honey to the Fantastic 4 and much more. She is also recently known for her healthy products company (The Honest company). Jessica now balances the roles of movie star, businesswoman, mother (to 2 daughters), wife, and healthy-living advocate. She keeps herself healthy. Very Healthy.

Early Health issues

But did you know, Jessica has had tremendous Health Challenges ?
Alba’s early life was marked by a several serious health issues. During childhood, she suffered from partially collapsed lungs twice, had pneumonia four to five times a year, suffered a ruptured appendix and a tonsillar cyst. She has also had asthma since she was a child. She was in the hospital so often due to her illnesses that no one knew her well enough to become friends with her.

Vitamins are important

In an interview with EnergyTimes, she was asked if she takes supplements.
She replied that she does in spurts, but really should do more regularly. She noted that For women, vitamins are important.

She eats a variety of lean proteins and fresh fruits and vegetables. A typical breakfast, she says, is half a banana with brown-rice cereal and almond milk, and lunch is usually a salad chock-full of whole grains and nuts or pumpkin seeds.

She keeps fit, using her garage home gym, and alternates sprints with a brisk walk on a treadmill and keeps her abs toned with Pilates. She likes to work out with friends. They keep her accountable, she notes. (She has always worked out. ” I’ve been doing circuit training since I was 17 or 18. “)

A health secret she shares

Jessica says she discovered a secret that allowed her to bring her brows back to their lush, natural state…
In an interview with E! , she said she felt her thin eyebrows made her look angry all the time, so in addition to putting down the tweezers (for at least two years), she stocked up on PRENATAL VITAMINS.
Prenatal supplements are designed to provide expectant mothers and their unborn babies with essential nutrients, minerals and digestive enzymes, but people say it has helped thicken their hair and improve their nails. 

“I did prenatal vitamins, and I didn’t pluck my eyebrows for like two years. That’s how I grew [my brows] back.”








Nutricelebrity Healthy

Do your vitamin and product research

Jessica’s health rule is : Know exactly what’s going into and on your body. Don’t assume everything that says it’s eco friendly is, or that it is safe. Read the labels, do your research. Make informed choices.

Jessica’s Celebrity nutritionist Kelly LeVeque discusses this in her book, Body Love, specifically why and how we can feel (and look) our very best. ‘Make those body-loving choices that are going to fuel your cells, hydrate your skin, calm your hunger hormones instead of deprivation, which is not love.” She says. Her concept is that if you’re not feeling great, you need to make changes and additions until you do.”



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