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The 5 Best Methods for Weight Loss

The best way to lose weight is diet and exercise. Spoiler alert – those are the first two recommendations. Just by eating less amounts of healthier foods, and exercising every day, you can lose weight in a manner of several weeks to several months. But for some of us, this just isn’t enough. We need long-term maintenance, and sometimes even though we are consistent in eating healthy and working out, we just don’t see the results we wanted on our weight loss program.

We hear things like “It’s not about the number on the scale, it’s how you look and feel!” But we step on the scale and look in the mirror and it’s just not enough. Well, keep reading because we’re about to share some suggested supplements that will help you lose weight, and make sure it stays lost!

  1. Diet

As we said earlier, the first big recommendation is diet. I’m sorry (says to self) that you can’t keep eating they way you have been and reach your target weight. It’s just not possible. Some of the types of supplements we are about to mention seem like that wonder pill that you take once a day and VOOM! the weight goes away. Well, that doesn’t exist. It just doesn’t. So, you have to make some adjustments to what and how much you eat in order to reach those goals. The best results come from making this a lifestyle change, and not just a temporary switch in what you eat. For more on this, read our previous blog title Go Beyond Just a Diet.

  1. Exercise

I don’t want to go outside. I don’t want to run. I want to relax because work is hard, and even though I’m sitting the whole time, I’m still tired at the end of the day and just don’t want to work out. But I have to. We all have to. Even if it means getting up two hours earlier, or sucking it up to go out after dinner, we just have to do it. But what if we are? We’re already eating veggies, fruits, and lean meats in small portions, and hitting up CrossFit five days a week, but we’re just not getting the results we want? Well, the next 3 recommendations are for specifically tailored to you!

  1. Probiotics:

One of the most common supplements used to help people lose weight is probiotics. Probiotics are actually helpful for many health concerns, as we outlined in our last article 8 Key Benefits of Probiotics Backed by Science. One of those 8 key elements is weight loss because of the benefits that improving your overall digestion has on your metabolism. There is a lot of scientific evidence suggesting that probiotic supplements containing Bifodobacterium and Lactobacillus rhamnosus can help people lose weight, and may even help prevent or control obesity in some people.

The stomach and intestines of individuals suffering from obesity had less of a certain bacterium that helps in the digestion process. The evidence comes from trial studies comparing obese subjects and normal-weight-subjects, wherein it was found that people suffering from obesity had more firmicutes and less Bacteroidetes. That means the stomach and intestines of individuals suffering from obesity had less of a certain bacterium that helps in the digestion process. Therefore, the idea is that if you add certain probiotic supplements, it may help grow the good bacteria and decrease the bad bacteria in your digestive tract to help reduce the absorption of fat and prevent weight gain.

If you focus on the overall health of your gut, you may find that probiotics can help you lose weight, fight obesity, and improve your overall health. This is, of course, not a call to run out and take as many probiotics as you can. They alone are not going to cause you to rapidly lose weight, but they will help lay a foundation of overall gut health that can improve the way your body handles the food you eat. Another key benefit of probiotics is their ability to reduce inflammation, which also drive obesity.

We at Nutricelebrity recommend the following probiotics that do help individuals lose weight:


Jarrow Formulas Dophilus




As a reminder, there are additional benefits of probiotics, and we recommend you read this blog to find out more.

  1. Fat Burners:

When you think of burning fat, you think of diet and exercise. Especially some heavy cardio exercises with a coach yelling, “feel the burn!” But when many people think of “fat burners”, as in the supplement, they are hoping for the magic pill that burns the fat for you while you relax and eat whatever you want. We all are wishing for that magic weight loss pill, but sadly, fat burners are not it. However, fat burners do help, and in fact can help you refine your weight loss program.

The journal Obesity Reviews defines "fat burner" as “nutrition supplements that are claimed to acutely increase fat metabolism or energy expenditure, impair fat absorption, increase weight loss, increase fat oxidation during exercise, or somehow cause long‐term adaptations that promote fat metabolism.”[1]

In basic terminology, they help you target the fat in your weight loss program. Nothing is ever going to beat diet and exercise, but just as we saw with probiotics which lay a great foundation in gut health, fat burners can help ensure that your body is cutting away the fat while it diets and works out.

A common issue with weight loss, particularly when people do so without including exercise, is that your body will first target muscle. For example, if you go on a starvation diet and avoid eating entirely for a period of time, your body is still in need of fuel, and often targets your muscle first. As well, many people are able to lose many pounds on their scale, only to look pretty much the same in the mirror, because it was muscle that the body used to burn as fuel.

Fat burners help target and prioritize your body fat as the fuel source. So, if you have already modified your diet toward healthier foods and are exercising regularly, the fat burners tell your body to burn the fat first. Most fat burners use caffeine, which increases your metabolism to use fat as the fuel. Caffeine also gives you energy to exercise and burn those calories. The caffeine breaks down the fatty acids that cause belly fat, and once broken down, they enter the bloodstream and are burned up as our bodies’ energy source. 

Again, fat burners will not work alone. They do not replace diet or exercise, but merely enhance the effects of your weight loss program. And they will not cause your body to suddenly drop tens of pounds per week. That would be dangerous! Nonetheless, they can prove highly beneficial to enhance your weight loss program, and for that reason, we recommend the following products:







  1. Appetite Suppressors:

Much like our previous examples of probiotics and fat burners, appetite suppressants are not meant to work alone. Rather, they are another form of supplement that, when added to your weight loss program of diet and exercise, can help to enhance your results. Ultimately, appetite suppressants are supplements that curb your hunger or make you feel full and eat less food. There are many dangerous forms of these “diet pills” full of chemicals and bad additives, so we whole-heartedly recommend you take products that are natural and organic. In fact, everything we recommend at Nutricelebrity is organic and 100% all-natural.

So again, as a supplement, you will be able to lose more weight if you include appetite suppressants in with your healthy lifestyle changes of diet and exercise. They essentially work by telling your brain that you are already full. Hunger pangs are altogether prevented or your brain thinks it’s full resulting in your ability to eat smaller amounts of food. Typically, people who add natural appetite suppressants are able to lose 3% to 9% more weight within a year than without them. So, they work!

Again, there are many different types of appetite suppressants, but we recommend you take the natural, organic products to avoid the negative side effects, like dizziness, constipation, nausea, and a whole host of other ill effects from the unnatural kinds. But do keep one thing in mind – appetite suppressants are not meant to be taken indefinitely. If you have any kind of underlying health condition, speak with your physician before adding them to your weight loss program. And if you feel comfortable taking them on your own, do follow the directions of the products and do not exceed the recommended dose, and do so for only a period of several weeks before taking a break from them.

If you are interested to start adding appetite suppressants to your diet, we recommend the following products:




No matter what you do to lose weight and keep it off, it has to be natural and healthy. Please, do NOT just rely on supplements or pills or plastic wraps that squeeze your midsection. You have to eat right and exercise! It’s natural. And when you choose a supplement to add in, make sure it, like diet and exercise, is natural too! So best of luck, and let us know how you do on your journey to live a healthier lifestyle.

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