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How to Stop Flu Symptoms in Children | Before It's Too Late

How to Stop Flu Symptoms in Children | Before It's Too Late

If there's one thing I learned from this pandemic it's been to really cherish the small stuff. Even kid's weird idiosyncrasies.

I've been an elementary teacher for five years and kids continue to fascinate me.
I’m always amazed and slightly intrigued by their nature to always tell the truth no matter what.
Last year around Christmas, I planned an elaborate holiday party before their long Christmas break. I made bringing gifts completely optional and instead stuffed a small stocking for each kid. (Personalized with their name, of course).
While most people claim to not expect anything, I really didn’t expect any of my kids to get me anything. So imagine my surprise when one of my kids (his name is Devin), very assuredly, walked up to me with a gift bag.
He stood there, bag dangling in his little hand and with absolutely NO SHAME says, 

“Here you go. My mommy didn’t want it and she tried giving it to someone else but they didn’t really want it either. So my mommy told me to bring it to school and give it you”

Dangling this reused gift bag, waiting for me to take it, I couldn’t help but laugh before thanking him for the lovely gift. Poor mom lol.
Isn’t it crazy how unapologetic and truthful my kids are? It’s so easy for them to be honest no matter what. So it makes me wonder why adults make it seem so hard.
When COVID-19 happened, I immediately thought of my kids. I knew before anything, I had to make sure I had some sort of immune support supplement. So there I was, searching for something natural and with quality ingredients, but most importantly, a brand that would be completely honest about the ingredients they were using.

Which is how I discovered Now Foods elderberries. I’d been searching for several brands on NutriCelebrity. But when I thought of my kids, what really drew me to Now Foods Elderberries was, of course, the company’s complete HONESTY.
Other brands skimped on the milligrams, didn’t have vitamin C, or were ridiculously expensive. But these elderberries had both ingredients, and a great quantity to justify the cost. This way, I didn't have to sacrifice any servings, and as I got through the bottle, I didn't have to worry about breaking the bank when I needed to re-order. 
You guys, I stocked up so fast and have been taking these tablets as a preventative way to keep from getting sick ever since!
It’s been months but I can definitely say that everything has been great so far. I haven’t gotten sick and most importantly, I haven’t noticed any coughs or sniffles from my kids.
I absolutely swear by this stuff. I've been telling all the other teachers about it as well as my kid's parents. 
So far, no sick kids. Thank goodness!
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