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Nutricelebrity Optimal Eyes + Blue Light Blocking Glasses Computer TV Game Gaming Reading Phone UV400 Combo Pack

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Product Description

Product Description

Order includes 1 Optimal Eyes + 2 Blue Light Blocking Glasses. 

*Color may vary. If you prefer a specific color glasses, please specify in the notes before completing your order purchase.  

Why Choose Optimal Eyes?

Contains the essential nutrients for eye health

Optimal Eyes is for adults of all ages concerned with maintaining vision and eye health, with a single dose of vegan-friendly formula. It provides a complete vegan-friendly formula of phytonutrient extracts and minerals to support vision and eye health, both day and night. Our formula contains clinically researched formulas like Lutemax 2020 Lutein and Zeaxanthin, and L-OptiZinc And Copper.

  • Lutein ( from Marigold plant) and Zeaxanthin - supports Vision & Macular health
  • Natural Plant ingredients - Blackcurrant and Grape extracts; NON-GMO vegan capsules
  • Improves blood flow for reduced eye fatigue
  • Promotes night vision glare recovery - Perfect for drivers and first responders
  • AREDS improved formula - protects eye lenses - Lutemax 2020, Zinc and Copper
Ingredient List

Studies show that high carotenoid concentration in the maculae promotes vision recovery following exposure to bright light. Optimal Eyes has the complete macular carotenoid formula with clinically researched ingredients.

  • Lutemax 2020 Lutein
  • Blackcurrant Extract
  • Zeaxanthin
  • L-Optizinc Zinc and Copper
  • Grape Seed Extract

Optimal Eyes Health Benefits

Contains All Three Macular Carotenoids

Optimal Eyes contains the best ingredient Lutemax 2020 which is a trademarked ingredient that provide you stability and quality of the product. In addition to Lutein, this formula contains Zeaxanthin. Like Lutein, Zeaxanthin is a carotenoid. It's found in the fovea, which is the center of the macula and is responsible for clear and sharp central vision.

Reduce Symptoms of Prolonged Screen Time

Our lifestyle has been changing, we spend all most all day at 3C products now, that can be tiring for your eyes, leaving them in need of some nutritional support. This supplement addresses this need with Lutein, an antioxidant found naturally in the macula of healthy eyes. It supports clear, healthy vision.


Blue Light Blocking Glasses Product Benefits & Features

  • PROTECT YOUR EYES - Blue Light Blocking - Blocks out Harmful Blue Rays(400-440nm). Reduces Eyestrain when using Devices(TV/Cellphones/Tablet/Computer) for Extended Period of Time.
  • REDUCE EYESTAIN & IMPROVE SLEEP QUALITY - Harmful Blue Lights Causes Your Body to Produce Less Melatonin which Your Body Needs to Fall asleep. These Glasses Reduces Eyestrain, Discomfort, and Give You Better Sleep Quality.
  • UNBREAKABLE TR90 MATERIALS - Anti-impact, Anti-stress, Lightweight, Excellent Elasticity, Durable, and Shatterproof Features. Drop Proof Worry-Free!
  • FASHIONABLE STYLES - Square & Round Shape Designs Matching with Different Color Selection. Great For You to Mix and Match in Style!
  • PREMIUM PACKAGE - Great For Gift Giving - Luxury Hard Box, Fannel Fabric (Cleaning Cloth), Glasses Bag, Blue Light Indicator Light & Card, and 2 Pack Glasses

Introducing Nutricelebrity Optimal Eyes + Blue Light Blocking Glasses: Unleash the Power of Crystal Clear Vision!

Do you want to experience life with stunning clarity, protect your precious eyesight, and maintain optimal vision health? Look no further! Nutricelebrity Optimal Eyes + Blue Light Blocking Glasses are the revolutionary solution you've been searching for.

Harness the Power of Nature's Finest Ingredients

Our unique formula combines Lutein and Zeaxanthin, two powerful antioxidants that work synergistically to filter harmful blue light and support the health of your macula – the epicenter of your vision. These potent nutrients, found naturally in green leafy vegetables, have been scientifically proven to help reduce the risk of age-related macular degeneration and cataracts.

But we didn't stop there. We've also packed our Nutricelebrity Optimal Eyes + Blue Light Blocking Glasses with a blend of natural plant ingredients that work together to provide comprehensive vision protection, ensuring you can see the world in all its vibrant beauty.

Experience Unparalleled Night Vision

Do you struggle with nighttime glare or have difficulty adjusting to sudden changes in light? With Nutricelebrity Optimal Eyes + Blue Light Blocking Glasses, you can finally put those worries to rest. Our groundbreaking formula promotes night vision glare recovery, allowing you to see more clearly in low-light conditions and navigate with confidence during nighttime activities.

Why Choose Nutricelebrity Optimal Eyes + Blue Light Blocking Glasses?

✓ Protects and enhances your eyesight with scientifically proven nutrients

✓ Combines the powerful antioxidants Lutein and Zeaxanthin for maximum vision support

✓ Natural plant ingredients for comprehensive eye health

✓ Promotes night vision glare recovery for improved low-light visibility

✓ Made in a GMP-certified facility with the highest quality ingredients

Take Control of Your Vision Today!

Don't let poor vision hold you back any longer. Invest in your eye health and experience the life-changing benefits of Nutricelebrity Optimal Eyes + Blue Light Blocking Glasses. With our 100% satisfaction guarantee, you have nothing to lose – and a world of crystal-clear vision to gain.

Order Nutricelebrity Optimal Eyes + Blue Light Blocking Glasses now and embark on your journey to unparalleled visual clarity!


Discover the Secret to Unrivaled Eye Health

Are you tired of squinting, straining, and struggling with blurry vision? Don't let your eyesight deteriorate when there's a natural, effective solution at your fingertips. Nutricelebrity Optimal Eyes + Blue Light Blocking Glasses are the key to unlocking a new world of vibrant, crystal-clear vision and unparalleled eye health.

The Perfect Blend for Optimal Results

Nutricelebrity Optimal Eyes + Blue Light Blocking Glasses feature a unique blend of natural plant ingredients, carefully selected for their proven vision-enhancing properties. Rich in essential vitamins and minerals, our advanced formula nourishes your eyes from within and promotes overall eye health.

Supports Healthy Retinal Function

Our potent combination of Lutein and Zeaxanthin not only shields your eyes from harmful blue light but also supports healthy retinal function. By nourishing your retinal cells, Nutricelebrity Optimal Eyes + Blue Light Blocking Glasses help maintain optimal vision and prevent age-related eye issues.

Reduces Eye Fatigue and Strain

Staring at digital screens for hours on end can lead to eye fatigue and strain. Nutricelebrity Optimal Eyes + Blue Light Blocking Glasses are specially designed to combat these modern-day issues, providing much-needed relief for your tired, overworked eyes.

Ideal for People of All Ages

Whether you're a young professional, a busy parent, or enjoying your golden years, Nutricelebrity Optimal Eyes + Blue Light Blocking Glasses are perfect for people of all ages. Our all-natural formula is gentle yet effective, ensuring you get the comprehensive vision support you deserve.

Experience the Nutricelebrity Optimal Eyes + Blue Light Blocking Glasses Difference

With so many eye supplements on the market, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. But Nutricelebrity Optimal Eyes + Blue Light Blocking Glasses stand above the rest, thanks to our dedication to quality, efficacy, and customer satisfaction. Our commitment to your vision health is unwavering, and we're confident you'll see the difference with Nutricelebrity Optimal Eyes + Blue Light Blocking Glasses.

Don't let life pass you by in a blur – choose Nutricelebrity Optimal Eyes + Blue Light Blocking Glasses and embrace a world of vibrant, crystal-clear vision. Order now and take the first step towards optimal eye health!

Suggested Use

Suggested Use

Optimal Eyes

Take 1 capsule per day with food, or consult your qualified healthcare professional. Suitable for vegetarian/vegan.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Use while viewing TV, phone, or monitor to reduce eyestrain from harmful blue lights

Supplement Facts

Cellulose, silicon dioxide and magnesium stearate (vegetable source). Capsule consists of hydroxypropylmethylcellulose. Contains No: wheat, gluten, soybeans, dairy, egg, fish/shellfish, or peanuts/ tree nuts.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
Additional Info

Manufacturer: by Nutricelebrity

Weight: 0.8 lb


60 Capsules

Blue Light Blocking Glasses
2 Glasses


Optimal Eyes

2 x 2 x 3.5

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Width: 5.6 in

Nose Bridge Width: 0.71 in

Lenses Width: 2.2 in

Height: 1.7

Arm Length: 146mm

Non-GMO Vegan Vegetarian

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Great product & service

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Great product & service

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