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ADD & ADHD – Natural helping Supplements

ADD & ADHD – Natural helping Supplements

ADD /ADHD and others

The National Institute of Mental health, claims 3-5 % of children have ADHD, but some experts believe that figure is higher than 10%. Strangely there are no lab tests to confirm ADHD in children or adults. It’s a subjective inquiry by the Physician.
Do we just have energetic kids or is there something more going on ?

ADHD has tell-tale signs, does your child exhibit :

  • Constant Fidgeting
  • Restlessness
  • Excessive talking or blurting

This may or may not be ordinary behavior, you as parent or guardian, need to be able to distinguish the differences.

If your child is struggling with ADHD or ADHD-like symptoms, a good approach is to consult with a holistic physician or Coach who is experienced in natural alternatives.
Of course, ensure adequate nutrition and regular physical exercise, as a starting point.

Wellness advocates use natural approaches to help with ADD/ADHD such as Vitamins and supplements, juicing, and eating a plant-based diet. In fact

Natural options that may help

– Vitamins and mineral supplementing every day. Many Studies have reported that they help. Especially :


Vitamin B3 (Niacin)

Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)


Dr. Abram Hoffer, a renowned  Canadian Biochemist, Physician, and Psychiatrist  treated ADHD kids with vitamins ( Niacin and Vitamin C). And, he got results.
His book ABC of Natural Nutrition for Children is a concise and powerful book
For those who suggest is insufficient scientific evidence to support megavitamin therapy for children’s behavior disorders, dig a little deeper enough. Hoffer and his colleagues conducted the first double-blind controlled vitamin trials in psychiatric history in 1952.




Here is a nicely documented story that details the journey of a mom and her little boy, it’s a positive ending, worth the read, ( Mrs.Obvious)
She explains in her heart-wrenching journey (she read Dr. Hoffer’s book, and applied it)  what has worked for her :

2,000 mg of vitamin C a day, and 2,100 mg of omega-3 daily [and most importantly Niacin (Vitamin B3), 2,500mg per day]. I personally have also started taking multiple supplements for myself and feel better than I ever have. My other son takes vitamin C and omega-3, too.”



Other techniques and suggestions

 Exercise daily
– Cut down the Electronics (TV, video games, and mobile devices -max 30 minutes a day.     We realize this is tough, but worth a try for a week, and see results.
– Nutrition. Diet helps. Cut sugars, and follow basic natural nutrition guidelines.
– Cut Food additives and GMO ingredientsRead the label!
A number of food processing chemicals are may worsen ADHD, (many now banned in Europe)  These include :  Blue #1 and #2 food coloring; Green #3; Orange B; Red #3 and #40; Yellow #5 and #6; sodium benzoate, and possibly msg.
We wrote previously about GMOs and glyphosate, found in Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide, used in large quantities on Modified Roundup crops, limits the body’s ability to clear out toxic chemicals.

With the rise of ADD/ADHD Pharma companies quickly came up with Ritalin®, Strattera®, Concerta® and other drug formulations, these have powerful, psychostimulant ingredients that have known side-effects ( they are in the same class as cocaine – yikes! ). The Natural way using nutrition and vitamins would be preferred.

We will leave you with this quote from a happy mom :

” I will tell you what I have discovered right away. I have stopped all symptoms of ODD and bipolar disorder in my 7-year-old son by using non-flushing niacin (vitamin B3).I now have a loving, bright-eyed little boy, who didn’t exist before this regimen. He has been 95% symptom-free for 11 months.. ”

Disclaimer : This article should not be misinterpreted as medical advice and is not meant as such. Always do your research, consult with your physician, health coach or health practitioner for the best method of treatment.



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