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Go beyond just a diet

Go beyond just a diet

You may have started on a diet and tried it for a few weeks or perhaps it lasted for a couple of months. However, we all know that the diet will eventually come to an end and the weight comes back. 

In order to consistently keep a healthy lifestyle starts off with changing your relationship with food. It's about changing how you think and how you treat your beautiful body. A good way to start is by questioning why you eat the food you currently do now and what it does to your body. How does it make you feel? Are you stress eating? Do you feel fatigued and bloated after eating a meal? Do you feel healthy? Are you happy with the way you look now? The answers will vary depending on the individual, however you should begin to question yourself and really reflect on it. 

Take a step back, try and be very conscious of the decisions you make with your health and slowly take action. If you are unhappy with your weight, have gut issues, weight related health problems, then it is time to make some life changes. 

Of course food is a necessity for our survival, but what we consume is a choice. How we see food will change how and what you put in your mouth. The first step is to reflect on how you see yourself and how you should treat yourself better. If you are putting junk into your body, then you won’t feel as great and nor will you look as great as you should. Also, your gut and your mind is connected. So, if you do not treat your gut properly, then your mind might be clouded or possibly have mood swings. 

The food you love and enjoy right now doesn’t have to be a lifelong favorite if it isn’t adding benefit to your health or if it isn't a healthy food. Instead of consuming potato chips, you can learn to love potato wedges or try some fried zucchinis. A lot of the time, the habit of eating something simply comes from early childhood. We are used to eating something because we are simply used to it or have been eating it since we are very young. That creates a certain taste bud and a liking for specific foods. Fret not, habits do change and it can change. It might not be easy, but it starts with trying something different and continuing to eat it. Persistence is key to changing your quality of taste.

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