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Menopause Symptoms- Black Cohosh is your friend.

Menopause Symptoms- Black Cohosh is your friend.

It’s Natural

Just as the start of menstruation is a natural process, so is its stopping.
It is a natural process, not a disease.
The symptoms that occur with menopause should be helped, with natural ways (not hormones).
We prefer a systemic approach – especially using healthy nutrition and supplements.
Our body’s hormonal system is finely balanced and should not be disrupted.

 “The medical profession, which is set against treating vitamin deficiency with vitamin supplements, has no difficulty treating hormonal deficiency with hormonal supplements, even though estrogen supplementation carries a known cancer risk.”
Dr. Andrew Saul


Commonly called menopausal symptoms, these happen before and after menopause (Menopause starts when a woman’s periods have stopped for a year.)
Perimenopause is the period of around 4 years where women have these symptoms. Although the symptoms may continue after menopause, they lessen.


Black Cohosh

Black cohosh is known as bugbane (a buttercup plant type) , rattleweed, and also called black snakeroot. It is believed that Native Americans used it for the treatment of menstrual issues, menopause symptoms, and to help childbirth.

Since the 50s, studies have noted the benefits of black cohosh. It has shown by research that it likely relieves symptoms caused by the natural drop in estrogen levels. (Estrogen/progesterone supplements or creams are probably not a good idea.)

Some researchers believe that Black Cohosh might exert its effects through a brain-related action,  through its potential ability to act as an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, or selective estrogen receptor modulator

Meno Symptoms

Here’s typical menopause symptoms Black Cohosh could be a good help with:

• hot flashes
• night sweats
• sleep issues
• mood – nervousness and irritability
• lowered sex drive or motivation
• bone density loss
• heart disease in women
• brain performance



A healthy diet and good natural supplementation can help the process.
One of the best Natural supplement is MegaPause which uses Black Cohosh and other natural ingredients.

Megapause Ingredients


We always advise you do your research, or consult with your Health coach, practitioner or Doctor before taking any supplements.




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