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Menopause today - Facts to know

Menopause today - Facts to know

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MenopauseFacts and Figures

The average age at menopause is 51 years.

Every day, an estimated 6,000 American women reach menopause.

Natural menopause occurs at 40–60 years of age, commonly at 45–55 years.

The average age  of menopausal transition is 47.5 years, and it commonly lasts 4–5 years.

Early menopause (40-45 years) occurs in 5% of women.

Late menopause (55 onward) takes place in 5% of women.

Premature menopause (before the age of 40) is experienced by about 1% of women

In 1998, there were more than 477 million postmenopausal women in the world.
By 2025, the number of postmenopausal women is expected to rise to 1.1 billion.

In 2000, there were an estimated 45.6 million postmenopausal women in the United States. 40 million of them were older than 51, (the average age of natural menopause).
By the year 2020, the number of women in the US older than age 51 is expected to be more than 50 million.

The conventional treatment for menopause is Hormone Replacement Therapy,  but more and more women prefer Natural menopause Supplements. MegaPause from NutriCelebrity is an example.
Herbal and nutritional supplements for menopause have support from the scientific studies, show efficacy, and low costs, more natural remedies for menopause support health during this phase of life are often a better choice.



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