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Prenatal Vitamins and hair growth

Prenatal Vitamins and hair growth

Prenatals and hair growth

 vitamins have recently been associated with hair growth . It has garnered  popular reputation for helping women grow stronger and longer hair and nails. Some celebrities mentioned in popular magazines that they did this to grow their hair, as their secret. 

What is the goal ? Longer, faster-growing hair and smoother skin, of course.

Facts are that women should not expect magical growth from a prenatal vitamin. Correlation does not always mean causation. 

Will hair vitamins help your hair grow faster? 

Unfortunately, the answer from most of the professionals is “No”.

There is no scientific evidence that suggests prenatal vitamins can make your hair grow.

However, there’s a scientific reason for the change in pregnant women’s hair, (but it’s not the prenatal vitamins.)

Pregnancy brings a variety of changes to the body.

Pregnant women experience sudden and dramatic increases in estrogen and progesterone. They also experience changes in the amount and function of a number of other hormones. 

Many women experience hair growth and thickening during pregnancy and may even notice hair growth in unwanted places. Many women also experience faster nail growth during pregnancy. Eating well and taking prenatal vitamins adds to the growth hormones of pregnancy.


You have hairs and hair follicles in all of these various life stages on your head. During pregnancy the elevated hormone levels prevent the hair from reaching the final phase of fall out, during pregnancy the cycle of hair loss is stopped causing fewer lost strands while their hair continues to grow. This is a hormonal effect and not caused by the minerals and nutrients in prenatal vitamins.

If you're not trying to conceive, and are taking pre-natals for hair or nail growth - be warned about taking them. There are minerals and nutrients, that you might be overdoing.

Two in particular to be aware of are iron and folic acid.

Iron supplements, are for very specific needs, such as young women with especially heavy periods and, to prevent iron deficiency anemia in pregnancy. But Taking more iron than you need all the time can lead to constipation, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, etc


Other than folic acid and iron, the vitamins and minerals in most prenatals are pretty standard, prenatals may not give you anything additional than a regular quality multivitamin.


There is no vitamin or supplement that will repair the damage of bad hair habits, like tension, high heat, chemicals etc. 



prenatal vitamins and hair growth


Return to the basics of healthy hair care.

Real growth and hair health, comes with correct hair care and time.  Don’t spend a lot of money on these supplements expecting miracles.


So, while some people may notice faster-growing hair from taking prenatals, it's not necessarily a good idea to take high levels of vitamins you don't need. Always consult your doctor or health coach before taking any new supplements to make sure they're right for you, and look for good brands with integrity and with limited filler ingredients.


Grow healthy hair from the inside out.

- Drink enough water 

- Get plenty of sleep 

- Manage your stress

- Lots of fresh living food 

- Healthy fats, lean proteins, and fiber

All are key to a healthy body inside and out.



The experts agree that hair vitamins can promote hair health, including strengthening hair and reducing breakage, by addressing vitamin deficiencies. Consider Vitamin C, Magnesium and other important nutrients.


Your diet and exercise affect your hair health, it has been said, how you look on the outside is a reflection of how healthy our body is on the inside.


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