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Prepare for Flu Season!

Prepare for Flu Season!

Flu season is among us! In the United States, the season usually begins in the fall, peaks during the winter months, and can last through spring. With COVID-19 still in the mix, it's more important than ever to take precautions to protect yourself and others.

  • How to Prepare
    • Have medications ready 
    • Stock up on supplies: tissues, hand sanitizers, antibacterial hand soap, cleaning supplies, humidifier
    • Make sure you have plenty of fluids and food to eat if you get sick like water, juice, and chicken soup. 
  • How to Prevent
    • Wash your hands
    • Avoid touching your face
    • Get your flu shot
    • Clean and sanitize surfaces 
    • Wear a mask especially indoors and around large crowds 
    • Avoid crowds and sick people 
    • Get enough sleep each night 
    • Try techniques to reduce stress
    • Eat a healthy, balanced, diet 
    • Stay active 
  • How to Treat 
    • Stay home from school or work if you’re sick
    • Drink tea, eat soup, and rehydrate with water and electrolytes
    • Take over-the-counter medications
    • Consult your doctor
    • Rest!

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